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Enhancing and enriching the health professional curricula by demonstrating the value, impact and benefits of a community engagement approach.

Currently we are working with the University of Plymouth's Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry:

Inter Professional Engagement Year 2 year book

We are proudly presenting the IPE2 year book for 2018-2019.

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Oral Health Education Resources

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Inter Professional Engagement Year 2 year book

We are proudly presenting the IPE2 year book for 2017-2018.

Read on for details about each project

Community engagement = an enhanced curriculum

With a proven track record in providing community based modules in the dental and medical curriculum, the Well Connected team are able to offer unique opportunities to enhance curriculum through community engagement for other health based professions such as dietetics, nursing, op-tometry and podiatry etc.

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Dental Programme

The IPE programme enables undergraduates to work and engage with different community groups in a range of community settings. Students work under academic supervision alongside the Well Connected team and host organisations based in the local community, to deliver a meaningful and engaging activity.

2017-2018 projects have included:

  • 1st year students (IPE1)
    Students spend a morning with organisations and discover the organisations role within their local community and begin to reflect on how dentistry can make an impact in these communities. Hosts this year included Family Planning Nurse Partnership, Public Health, Active Plus, Age UK and Help for Heroes to name a few. Students then deliver a presentation about their community organisation and reflect, digest and collate their findings to share with their peers during a presentation in the afternoon.

  • 2nd year students (IPE2)
    Building on IPE1, students spend two terms working in groups in partnership with their host organisation to research and design an intervention in the community. Some examples of 2017-2018 projects are:

  • Hosting a Christmas party for families working with the Family Intervention Service to share key oral health messages in a fun and interactive way – EBL1
  • Creating a ‘Microbes on the Move’ educational tool promoting good hand hygiene and infection control routines and delivering a teaching session at City College. – DTHA
  • Presenting an assembly at High Street Primary School and running and after school Brilliant Brushing Fair – EBL4
  • Delivering Dental Champion training to workers at the Turn Your Life Around (TYLA) project in Honicknowle and meeting with young people attending the weekly after school sessions to inspire potential dentists of the future – EBL7

Medical Programme

Well Connected works with Plymouth University’s Peninsula School of Medicine to run a social engagement pathway, where students spend four days working with a local community organisation to develop a health-related activity.

Recent projects have included:

  • Designing a health corner in a homeless hostel to encourage residents to take a greater interest in their health
  • Developing guidance for GPs through gathering case studies about how Age UK Plymouth can help their patients
  • Working with adults with learning difficulties to design a poster to educate their peers when to seek medical advice for abnormally coloured urine.

Through these experiences students gain important skills and understanding, learning about local services, how to design and implement projects and how to communicate with different groups and individuals.